Visiting Canada

A business visitor is defined as a foreign national who enters Canada to conduct international business activities. To qualify as a business visitor, the individual must not engage in employment that will provide services or create competition within the Canadian labour market. If this is the reason for visiting Canada, a work permit must be obtained.

In addition, to qualify as a business visitor, the visitor must not be gainfully employed in Canada. Their income source must come from outside of Canada and the place of employment must also be located outside of the country. Visitors are required to have a passport that is valid for at least six months. Individuals with a criminal record will not be allowed into Canada.

Business Visitors: After Sales Service

Business visitors may perform activities based on a warranty or after-sales contract. In order to qualify as a business visitor who will provide after-sales service, this clause must be stipulated in the original contract. Employees must show that they have specialized knowledge that is required for after-sales service.

Business Visitors: Trade Shows

Booth personnel, display stand personnel, and booth owners may enter Canada as business visitors to display or demonstrate goods at an event, as long as they are not selling goods to the “general public”. If the company’s employees wish to install and dismantle a booth that is larger than a portable pop-up, a work permit is required.